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Ever wanted to roleplay an iconic hero or even a deity of an ancient world, pantheon, or campaign setting? To go adventuring and discover their path to glory how you see fit? To experience the greatness firsthand that is the character you are playing?

That is what this campaign is all about. The party is formed of iconic characters from any campaign setting, but as they were when they just started getting their feet wet in the ocean of adventuring. With plans to take them all the way to their iconic selves, this campaign is centered heavily on roleplaying, story, and plot.  What could possibly cause so many varied personalities to end up adventuring together?

If you would be interested in playing by post for this campaign, please message me.


Using the God's and Monsters rule file, make your characters using this fillable pdf Pathfinder character sheet (right-click, save link as).


Becky has created Sheela Peryroyl, a halfling druid beholden to Yondalla. She rides on her animal companion, a dire bat, named Mortimer.

Napalm has created Helm, a human warrior, defender and protector of the good and innocent peoples of the realms.

Gargoyle King is creating Kossuth, a king of the elemental plane of fire, and purifier of flame.

Calen has created Zuoken, a master of body and mind seeking to teach others the power he has unlocked inside himself.

Chris has created Zoser, a mischevious and crass being who is lord over the desert sands and wastelands.

Jennifer is creating The Red Knight; a master strategist and champion of battle, who has issues with her past, and with others who think themselves superior.


Extra houserules to consider:

Spells/powers with saving throw DC's will no longer include the spell or power's level, or the user's hit dice/half hit dice, when calculating the saving throw DC. For example, Colorspray from a 20 int caster with spell focus will have a save of 10+5int+1feat, or 16.  Likewise, to resist Baleful Polymorph from the same caster, the save is 10+5int+1feat, or 16, as well.  This is to help curb spellcaster dominance in a game full of save-or-suck and save-or-die spells/powers. If you are concerened that enemies will too easily resist your spells/powers, spend your feats on spell focus, greater spell focus, and the like.
Caveat to this: Heighten Spell DOES increase the save DC, by half the spell slots you increase the spell by (rounded down) to a minimum +1 to the save DC.  Hardly ever see anyone take this feat, so I'm going to give it better use considering its primary function was nerfed by this houserule.

Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus, Epic Spell focus- +2 to the save DC of the chosen school, instead of +1

Psionic Endowment- flat +3 bonus to save DC, doesn't require expenditure of psionic focus, requires the manifester to be psionically focused (and not spending that focus) to work on a given power, and it only works on 1 power manifested per round.
Greater Psionic Endowment- overlaps Psionic Endowment, +6 bonus, same restrictions as above.

the Dodge feat is house-ruled to be a +2, and can be split between two enemies for +1 each, or one enemy for a +2 dodge bonus.

Ability Focus- +3 bonus to the save DC of the special power or ability
Homebrew feat- Greater Ability Focus- additional +3 bonus to the save DC of the special power or ability, requires the taker have at least 11 hitdice, and the Ability Focus feat for the selected power or special ability.

There are more non-epic feats in the Immortal's Handbook: Ascension.

Gods and Monsters: Legends reborn!

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