Thaklor (Kossuth)

Cleric of Kossuth who will one day take his deity's place.


It is difficult to pin down exactly what Thaklor looks like. It’s as if the air around him is constantly under the effects of a heat haze. In fact, sometimes he appears larger than others, almost as if his dimensions are in a constant state of flux. One moment he can appear small and inconspicuous while another he can be large and intimidating. One thing is clear, is head is entirely devoid of hair of any kind, and he wears the deep red of Thay embroidered with the twining flames of Kossuth in several places. His breastplate shines as if just polished even in dim light and a long spiked chain hangs from the hook on his belt.


Thaklor’s Story
Thaklor was an orphan living on the streets of Eltabbar when he was discovered by the high priest of the temple of Kossuth. He was effectively ‘saved’ from the headsman’s axe after having fought and killed the apprentice of a high ranking wizard. Though ‘saved’ could be a misrepresentation. Life in the land of Thay is harsh on it’s citizens. From the slaves who toil in the mines to the apprentices of high wizards, life is fraught with peril, intrigue, and harsh living conditions. Even the mighty Szass Tam’s unlife is constantly met with threats from both without and within the nation he rules with an iron and undying fist. But none suffer such harsh conditions as the acolytes of the temples of Kossuth. Even as it is the state religion, it could just as easily be toppled by any myriad of missteps as any mortal, or immortal, being in the country could. As such, the temple rides it’s acolytes hard, their rites are trials by the flame and many do not survive to join the priesthood.

As such, their clerics are often fit both mentally and physically. Thaklor not only survived his trials, many he in fact surpassed with an unusual grace. By the time that he ascended to the cloth he was a well-known up-and-comer in Thay. It wasn’t long before the high wizard who he’d wronged heard of his exploits and began sending assassins to lay him low. Some of these, by divine provenance, he avoided while others found an all too prepared opponent. All somehow were found burned to a crisp upon the steps of the high wizard’s mansion. None could ever seem to account for how they got there, nor how they were killed.

After receiving his Vestments, Thaklor was sent on a pilgrimage. Partially to get him away from the High Wizard and his assassins, although the priesthood also had other hopes for him. Thaklor’s mission was to find an ancient artifact called The Heart of Fire. It was the first, in fact only, gift ever given to the followers of Kossuth. Not much was known of it beyond the fact that it was said to be a powerful artifact which had the power to bring any of the true faith closer to Kossuth. Any others would simply be instantly burned to ash.
It took Thaklor 5 years of searching through ruins and ancient libraries to find that which he sought. When at last his party of adventurer’s breached the chamber of an ancient cathedral to find a glowing orange stone floating over a pedestal. One of the shiftier members impetuously reached out to touch the stone and was instantly incinerated before his companion’s eyes. The flare was so bright that his companions were blinded for a good few minutes, after which all they could find of their friend was a shadow upon the wall. The others opted to leave the relic and promptly left the room. That is, all except for Kossuth. It took them a minute to realize that their cleric was no longer with them. But when they returned, all they found were fresh scorch marks on the walls, and the gem was now nowhere to be found. Believing Thaklor dead they returned to Eltabbar to inform the temple of his demise.

Little more than a year after his disappearance a mysterious pile of ash was found upon the steps of the high wizard’s mansion.

Thaklor (Kossuth)

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