Gods and Monsters: Legends reborn!

Planning Stage

the story so far...

Using the God's and Monsters rule file, make your characters using this fillable pdf Pathfinder character sheet (right-click, save link as).

Becky has created Sheela Peryroyl, a halfling druid beholden to Yondalla. She rides on her animal companion, a dire bat, named Mortimer.

Napalm42 has created (reflavored) Helm, a guardian and protector of the good and innocent peoples of the realms.

GargoyleKing has created Kossuth (reflavored), purifier through the flames of the divine and lord of the inferno.

CalenJay has created Zuoken (reflavored), a monk seeking perfect union of body and mind, soul and spirit.

Dryden is creating The Red Knight (reflavored), a master tactician and knight of the realms, master of battles.

Akahdrin has created Zoser (reflavored), a desert dwelling walker of the wastes, lover of sandstorms, and mischevious sand shaper.



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